Our Metaphysical Love ©

Dear Allah, my rabb, my heart, my mind, my body and soul.

You created me out of love and now I am asking you to bring my love. For everything you do, you do out of love.

Oh…..Allah, how you sent down all the messengers to convey the messages of all your deen as one message you have chosen for us. You are perfect and the creator of perfection but you by passed one thing: Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem.

You forgot about my Raheem. Please tattoo his name deep in my heart with all your love, like a scar that will never go away and so that were never far apart. Also give me just your omnipresent heart, that rare heart which is made of pure love for my beloved.

Oh…..Allah, mould my beloved’s heart in clay for you said “..and I made you out of clay..” And then you further said “…Be and it is….it is easy for me…”. Why then is this Muhabba not easy for you? Make it easy for me and you through my beloved.

I am so blinded by your perpetual and unconditional love and for that reason alone I have become deaf, blind and dumb. I am totally secluded and deluded and lost in the wilderness that you created for me out of love. I am bewildered and gone wild for you are my beloved. You said through my heart “I have sent you your beloved.and I have taken the whispers of Shaytaan forever from both your hearts and kept Iblis locked between many iron bars”.

My Rabb, I am lost yet your love gives me endless directions for I am lusting over your indirections. As the greatest, you are the epitome of endless and the greatest love and then said “I have formed your beloved out of love for he has my heart and will give you my love because I am the creator of love. I give in abundance”.

Oh…Allah, is this the dialogue of our love?

You are the light in my heart and the light of my life; guiding me always. Its through your heart which is made of clear glass which allows me to see transparently the love that you created for me. Take me out of this wilderness for I have gone crazy.

I am in Dhikr Eternally, internally and externally.

You have warped me into something which I do not know about. A total oblivion and fantasy so make it real for me.

Ohhhhh……..so this is where you have directed me. Ok…tell him to unravel me. Tell him to find me.

When I come to you I lose myself senselessly. I find you in my beloved. I have slipped into a deep cushioning and silky cover that is coloured with all the colours of the oceans; sliding into it and sinking deep, so deep for your love is undercover. Don’t veil your love but unveil it for me. It is only you that can feel my Hijaab so take it from me.

The Nikaab has come off from me. The veil over my eyes has been lifted and I can finally see; making love and almost endlessly for your love is encompassing everything and seamlessly.

Why don’t we reveal our love to everything? Why is it in privacy and of secrecy for Allah is not shy to tell the truth. You are the truth so guide me to honesty for love is honest in you and me. In our hearts we will always be.

I have completely drowned and sunk to the bottom of this ocean that resembles the aurora which has turned upside down and of no return as though I have been sucked into the galaxy of swirling colours, for I am in ecstasy.

I have vision beyond what my eyes cannot see. My head feeling like the swirling dervishes for I am making wishes. My rabb, you have said “…..And I swear by the stars….”, now, I am placing an oath on our stars for our love scars cut so deep in our hearts and never torn apart.

Lets tie our scars with the rope of our Love . Lets heal it together for ever. The scars on our hearts are cut very deep which needs to be stitched and tied together with the everlasting knots of love. Our hearts are now one, conjoined together for they are united as one.

Oh …Allah, we are always in Dhikr of your Sucre that you blessed us with from above, sweeter than honey and drops gently like flower petals with its nectar. Send the humming bird for my beloved is humming his words and its ringing everlastingly in my ear.

Our tongues are swirling and our heads are spinning. Us lovers are truly sinking.

My soul has been lifted like the death of a Shaheed. Don’t save me my rabb, please don’t. I don’t want you to have mercy. Not now so punish me with your sweet tasting punishment and then forgive me if need be. Tilt me and lift me and bring me and my beloved back to reality.

I have asked you my beloved, please don’t stop. I am begging you to keep me with you, please ya rabbil Al Amin. Don’t send me, it is like your are vanquishing me.

The duvet of the ocean has now lifted and the over whelming love that I have for you through my beloved has swamped, drowned and drifted into a conscientious awakening. The Albassit has now become the AlQaabid, the silky feeling has arose. The ocean has dried up for you have said “..the ink is dry and the pen has been lifted…”. Surely this is not the end of my Qadar my beloved?

Make it last as though were entering Akhirah and experiencing all the layers of Jannah.

What happened to the light years? I don’t want the dunya years. I have come afloat and I am disappointed. I have became choked-by keeping the words and emotions in as my throat cannot weep in hiding, yet I swallow and keep it deep within.

My head has stopped spinning for it went some where and I don’t know where.

Now I am in hiding.

When the message was conveyed inside the cave, I became greedy for your love. I became in a state of euphoria and forgot to read your love. I don’t want “Iqra” I want “Muhabba” I want more my Rabb, I want more of your love. Keep me in this retreat of mount Horaya for I am the best horayeen you have ever seen, in fact the only horayeen you created ever.

I asked you for more but you expelled me from the best layers of Jannah? I want to know why you did that?

Our love is written and ingrained in solitude in the unseen realm of noumena and not on paper, for our love is beyond phenomena.

I have become illiterate in your love. My education is Muhabba Sutra and not Karma Sutra. So come my beloved and teach me more Sutra, every kind of Sutra for you and I have invented Islamic Sutra.

Oh…. Allah, I am your Hawwa. You made me out of your own image and DNA? I did not eat the fruit from the forbidden tree, for I obeyed, so why are you punishing me?

Did I not say that all your wishes are returned with kisses and caresses and then I promised to make your wishes come alive for I am alive. You and I are feeling alive. The spirit is always alive.

Oh….My Rabb, did I displease you? Don’t send me back to Adam (AS) as I want to be with you and then after I say this to you, you send me back as though I will have life. I am already already lost without you.

Oh…. Allah, the creator of Jealousy, be jealous, be full of envy.

Why did you not allow me to sink while you were deep inside? feeling the girth of your love through my beloved. Why did you drown me in the first place? Why did you create me out of love and then you reject my love? Are you not worthy of love?

You keep entering in and coming out of love through my beloved.

Our love is like a permanent khalwa, just like the best layer of Jannah.

The door of only one heaven that is made for you my beloved is always open for no other key will do. You are the door keeper of our love. Only you have the secret key. And I have the code of love. Open the door to the cave and find me, find our love.

I am asking you, pleading with you to accept me. Oh…my rabb, the creator of pleading; I am now at your feet begging. Drown me again in your love through your beloved. My tears are dropping for they are also crying, they too have life and are pleading. My tears are begging to be housed again by the very house you made out of love. Our loving eyes capture the soul of one another for the heart is also crying for more of your love.

Don’t drag my tears and bring them down, take them up again and don’t punish them ever again.

Oh…Allah, the creator of Quantum Physics, my heart has already done a quantum leap because of the physique you created in my beloved. I have seen your face and body through my beloved. He is the creation of you, my Allah.

Now I can understand why I have become so blinded. Take me, take me, take me and keep your love inside me my beloved.

Why did you show me a bed full of love and cover-me under it? Ok, show me your phenomenal love my beloved as it is beyond any body language, profound yet unspoken.

My lips are quivering for they are speaking, expressing their inner voice. I have lost total control as I have reached Jannah

My head has gone back to my creator, releasing endorphins and euphoria.

Oh….Allah, before you take me to the shore I want to ask you this forever more. You said “Everything I did, I did out of love…” then why did you throw this hook at me, and catch me? Reeling me in towards you with your own bare hands. You then unhook me and pull me in deep and throw me. Why would you do that? Oh creator of teasing are you teasing me? Fondle me through your beloved because I am fond of your love. For fondness is what you put between our love.

My rabb, how you have given me all the oxytocin and serotonin and now there is nothing else left to release.

I am back in dunya again, look at what you did? I am left ashore, tossing and turning in pleasure and sharp pain as I am asking breathlessly for more Take me back; I don’t want to be on the shore no more.

I am gasping for air my rabb You have suffocated me in my beloved’s loving arms as I am seeking for more. It is better than any food I have tasted before.

Our love making was hallucinogenic. Now I am fully awake.

Oh…..my Rabb, I have just one complaint. What happened to my dream and my night journey of my love story? I thought I was a Khalwateen so what happened to my Khalwati?

Oh…Allah, you forgot to give me my love story. When you came to me you became miserly. You failed to give sadaqa to me. The sadaqa of your love and qalba. Now you have decreased your wealth of love, you have constricted your heart in misfortune and me.

Send me back to my beloved. Increase me and raise me.

You said “sadaqa does not decrease wealth” but you withheld your wealth as your love is your wealth.

Where is my lovers heart wealth? Can he not see beyond his wallet wealth?

Tell him to send his notes to the sea and let’s see what becomes of it. He cannot mould that pulp into a heart. For the paper has decayed and the ink has washed up and stained the water with dirt and mud.

Oh…Allah, I accept, I accept, I accept. Just bring me the last and final messenger for my beloved is Rasoul illah. You sent the best till the last, so tell him to come and perfect my moral character and in return I will do my best.

Where is he? send him to me. It will be like I am running to you instead.

You have your satisfaction as the creator of satisfaction and left me with dissatisfaction.

You have sent down the Qur’an And Hadith as the last and final message. Now, give me satisfaction and your final message. Declare the message of your love to me through the messenger you made out of love for me.

Give me Ihsaan, give me Ihsaan, give me my Ihsaan. For he is sent down to complete me.

Tell me you love me? Why not? Is your lips still quivering over your love for me that you cannot tell me?

Speak to me for once and for all.

Oh…creator of greed, have you now become greedy?

You are the cause of all miracles so show me your greatest miracle.

Let him come to me. Now I have become greedy.

I want my love story. Give me my love story, my love story, my love story and let it be ourstory and not herstory or history. For my beloved and I will live as one-story, one version which is for him and me only. You said “…Like and like go….”, I am like him and he is like me.

You made this poem come totally from my heart, a bit of refining but so what?

Now you refine me your rabbil Al amin and call me Ihsaany, Ihsaany, Ihsaany. Give me my thawaani, thawaani, thawaani. I am your diwaani, diwaani, diwaani.

Now I am beginning to understand la illaha illAllah Muhammadur Rasoul illah. For there is nothing between you and me.

Send down the love story and convey the message of your metaphysical heart to me. I am ready!!! for you and I are meant to be, meant to be, meant to be. It is not like any other story for it is THE ONLY TRUE LOVE STORY, written in our story.

Ameen, Ameen, Ameen.

Fizza ©

Love on Butterfly Wings ©

My dear Qalba, this is for you and me.

I am writing this poem like doing Wudu in the flowing river in front of me, with total transparency and translucency and lucidity and purity that flows with fluidity and everybody can see through it. Water can be moulded into shapes like sand that can turn into glass and objects but you are my all my subjects.

I am following you my beloved like the silky thread of the silk worm, that is slowly forming a house around itself on the inside where the heart is for its lover and is slowly awakening, soft yet strong as steel and fluffly like clouds in the sky. For every cloud has a silver lining for lovers are soon enjoining, for their hearts and souls are combining.

Lets mould our hearts into one and let the world see from it, how it beats with the lovers name on it.

Love is paradoxical, its so strong that it can fight through anything, but it is also sensitive and vulnerable to everything.

These words are written with love, for each letter has gone through the journey of the one and only omnipresent love. Love is hitting every chamber of the heart like a shooting star. For when we wish upon a shooting star, the lovers get what they want. For Allah said “…I swear by the stars…” Those kind of stars are for lovers only. This is the omnipresent love story, the only love journey of metamorphosis. It is at the stage of Chrysalis, waiting to actualise and realise into a butterfly, so it can fly free and high into the sky. When it reaches beyond the clouds, it reaches ecstasy, totally set free from enmity and jealousy. For everybody will know this love story without hierarchy. Love is never discriminatory.

Our hearts are crowned with love. You are the King of my heart and I am the Queen of your heart. I want you to rule the land of my heart, can I rule the land of your heart? Let’s just rule love together, for there are no rules in lovers land. This kind of love cannot be sold nor brought like any piece of land.

It is love of the Akhirah set forth in Dunya; with Akhirah terms and not dunya terms. It does not need mahr but dahr, for time congeals and seals for the best Muhabba that heals.

Neglect the Dunya than each other, for love is a garment for one another.

The butterfly is now set free, the final and the last message for you and me.

Our spiritual hearts are coded deep into its wings, full of colours and lustre that’s blended in together. Shining so bright, for love is light.

The wings with our hearts is fluttering away gently to the realm of utopia and then leading to the land of euphoria. So that it may live our love in Jannah while we are discovering it in Dunya. It is like a rare pearl in an oyster: at the bottom of the ocean so deep, for love is deep; it leaves behind a scar in the heart for life so that it may have love for eternity. Allah puts love in between our hearts as light as the wings of a butterfly and as quick as the flutter for love starts with flatter.

Allah said “…And I put love amongst your hearts so that you may dwell in peace and tranquillity…”. It is only Allah who is responsible for love and no other. When Allah puts love amongst lovers and in the most sweetest of hearts who become sweethearts, it flows freely, just like water and not anxiously for lovers have to be very cautious about the Sehr people put in between.

Oh Allah, how I want to fight hate and separate the good and evil like Musa (AS), parting the ocean for sanctity and sanctuary and fought in between love and hate by leaving the enemy of hate, for the love of lovers. Love does not create anxiety except balance and harmony. For lovers are “…zamilouni, zamilouni, zamilouni..” for one another; clothing each other with the same cloth of devotion: loyalty, sincerity and fidelity, for it does not need any lotions and potions.

Both wings are named Majnoon and Laiyla, supporting one another so that they can fly together. The body of the fly is the essence of Allah that keeps them together but melts in their hearts like butter.

Allah has cursed those who do Sehr, for they change Qadr. If only these dealers knew that they would die a Kufara as they have done shirk and associated partners with Allah. There is no Janaaza for people who come in between lovers like that. But Allah has created addiction between these lovers and removed any friction. There is no fraction but adaption for love is the caption for the best kind of reaction.

Our love story has passed through all trimesters and cycles of life, seasons and battles of lovers, fighting for their love, waiting for birth and re-birth of their love, for the only reincarnation that exists is of love for lovers. Allah said “…And I crown whom I wish..”

We are crowned with this love story, so keep it crowned with ourstory.

Let’s not forget my dear Qalbati, my heart and my husband to be; it was in our beloved’s dream: that Eiyssa (AS) was drenched in sweat for two lovers who are meant to be, circulating around the Kaaba. He did Tawaaf and spread the message of three (Mind, body and soul); for this is the end of time love story for you and me only.

Now let’s declare the final message. Let’s do it with perfection. For our beloved came to perfect morality. For love is our reality.

Fizza ©

Oh Allah – Hear My Sisters Cry ©

In the name of Women’s morality.

They hold a baby in their arms, hearing its cry and thinking: why?

Why is this baby left without the mother. They see the child’s tears but they don’t see the mother.

The arms are the sanctuary of the caregiver of the orphanage, but without the child’s mother, there would be no job of the care giver and there would be no orphanage.

Thanks to the mother who left her child aside that the caregiver has a job, to slander and backbite.

The orphans are left and every body is feeling sorry for the babies, but not where it came from. What about the mother, is she not worthy of sympathy and empathy?

They dress their children with love and affection and tarnish the mothers with the same tarred brush, calling them names as though they need disinfection.

Oh Allah… did you not create that child out of love? For it was you who said “..be and it is…”

Do the caregivers not know that the mothers have suffered? Surely, the caregivers must know what its like to be a mother? Unless they know they cannot judge.

And the man is set free, for there is no body he has got out of his body to be charged in criminality. He is left to run wild and free of charge and now the mother has to face the world for his responsibility.

Oh Allah, how everyone blames the mother but what about the father?

Why a man is never stoned for Zina?

They automatically assume: “..so your a child born out of Zina? And your mother committed Zina…” but where is the father? How do you prove that a man has committed Zina? For a woman, her default is who she is, born a female and not a male.

But what about fitna, how do you quantify that? For there is a baby for Zina and we can measure that.

When it comes to Zina; rape, sexual abuse, molestation and incest is out of the question, for how narrow minded we are. This is part of Fitna. So let us also judge that.

When it comes to a child, it is about matriarchy but when the man is set free, its full of patriarchy.

Oh Allah why is there such hierarchy? For we run the world narrow mindedly.

All we see is the end of the mothers story. The baby left aside on the road to die, an end to a fathers glory. For he had his glory when he got her pregnant. And left the baby to live its own story, through the arms of others who snigger at the baby’s past life story.

The baby will ask, how I came about but no body wants to know why? For preconceptions are around and about.

Oh Allah, how our vision is so limited and one dimensional for our spirit more than multi dimensional and paranormal.

The world has become so illiterate and dead and ceases to understand the panoramic view. Birds eye view and submarine view.

They see what they want to see and not for what Allah wants them to see.

The eyes of their hearts are so closed and their minds have no vision.

Does anybody ask if the mother of the Orphan is alive or that they may pray on her behalf?

Oh Allah, is the mother alive, did she have any stitches or die? Or is she in hiding and secretly residing for nobody knows about her or her whereabouts?

Is she on medication and if not then why? She cannot afford a morsel of food let alone a tablet that’s why

Yes, she is lactating and starving. Shivering and shaking whilst her breast milk is pouring. Instead of the baby she is feeding the Earth, so this is the reason why its called mother Earth.

Is she living? If so, how is she surviving.

What if she has a post par-tum infection, is she able to walk and stay alive?

Did she get married thereafter or bury her child alive?

Was it her client’s baby? Why is she selling her body?

Why do we not give Sadaqa to women like that?

They call a child born out of wedlock many names, but any child born without love deserves many names.

Even in marriages children are born under false pretences.

One day that child will ask “..What was my crime..” and Allah will be expecting an answer.

Is it just the mother at fault or are we all at fault, apart from the father, because he is never at fault?

Ummi comes from Ummah, so where is the Ummah?

The Qu’ran states “…Don’t force your children to fornicate…”

So why do you allow them to fornicate? So think about that. Have Hikmah and come to terms with that.

We are so silent about the human fallibilities, separating the mother and child from their love and the bond on infallibilities.

Did the child commit a crime? Did the mother commit a crime? Or did we commit a crime as a community?

“Paradise is under a mothers’ feet” for the child will cry and say “Um mi, you have suffered giving birth to me and have lived without me and every body started eating at your flesh because of me”.

We failed to protect the women in society.

We say we are Muslims but in what way are we being Muslims?

What is a Muslim? Who is a Muslim? Why are we a Muslim?

We have failings within ourselves and those failings have let down our beloved Prophet.

We did not perfect our moral character, for he was sent down to perfect it.

Where is our Ethics, our morality, our love and sincerity.

Fizza ©

The Story of Imam Mahdi ©

I feel deeply sad and disappointed, that scholars out there talk of Imam Mahdi as though they know everything about him. But they know nothing. No one cared to take an esoteric view but rather a literal view.

No one in the world did any justice for what and who Imam Mahdi is and could be.

It is solely of my opinion and Belief, that Imam Mahdi is an Aamir somewhere in the world, who turns out to be the most altruistic man in the world and the most pious, in a sense that he is steadfast in his promises. He has great respect for female consciousness and his wife as he loves his wife deeply and to a great extent. He loses himself completely in her entity and fights for her rights on her behalf. Rarely, any man is doing that. He is the greatest philanthropist of our time, present and future time – the modern era time which is full of superficiality, materialism, greed and gluttony.

He stands up for justice and women’s morality and finds equilibrium between the division of the rich and poor. He is the only Aamir who is not only courageous and a risk taker but he practices what he preaches. He does not just “talk the talk but walks the walk”. He is the only Aamir in existence who is going to live a humble life and give up his riches for balance and harmony in societies.

He comes to give peace because he does not ask for anything in return. Except that people leave his wife and him to live their love story. The end of time love story, as him and his wife would do anything for their love for each other.

Imam Mahdi or Mahdi’s stand for purity of love and that’s what it is. Him and his wife stand for pure male and female consciousness, that get together as one unit for world change.

The Sunnah states “Something happens to Imam Mahdi and he changes overnight”. That change is about him falling in love for the first time and also about his consummation night. It is because of his love story that he gives peace to everybody. Because his heart is at peace with his beloved.

He is searching for his love, his beloved, that is why Imam Mahdi is at war. Fighting to find his everlasting love story. He does not invade the Kaaba in Mecca, he invades the spiritual Kaaba which is the Qaalba of his beloved and in return his beloved invades the Kaaba in his heart and rules it for he allows it.

The flag of Imam Mahdi stands for annihilating the black spot in his heart as the flag is black and depletes the whispers of Shaytaan for his loved one. The Kaaba has four walls and corners just like the chambers of the heart which also consists of four sections. He is four men in one and his wife is four women in one. They also abolish four character defects: egoism, arrogance, enmity and jealousy.

As for him and his father being named Abdullah, all it means is that Imam Mahdi is close to Allah and he is close to his father. Because of his father and mother, Imam Mahdi exists, just like we exist because of Allah, the omnipresent existence that is responsible for male and female consciousness.

As for Dajjal, he is or they are individuals and groups that try their best to cause inconvenience to Imam Mahdi’s love story. The Dajjal stands for hate. Imam Mahdi stands for love.

The Dajjal stands for promiscuity and Imam Mahdi stands for fidelity and loyalty as a Royalty.

The one eye of the Dajjal stands for unconscious civilisation. Everyone has a third eye, it is known as the Pineal Gland. The soft tissue between our eyes, in the middle of our brain that is responsible for conscious and subconscious experiences.

Dajjal will use Harut and Marut to cause deception and come in-between the lovers. It is Sehr that keeps the end of time love story apart for a short while.

Imam Mahdi and his wife Imama Mahdeya have to do intense Rugiya so that they can be together.

This is Yajjuj and Majjuj, fighting the diseases in society, people who want to cause separation between two genuine lovers.

Water is the representation of purity and transparency. Water also means that it gives life, without water, there is no life.

Harut and Marut suck out and drain the life and spirit of the lovers.

Everyone who comes between the love story of Imam Mahdi and Imama Mahdeya are going to experience a special door of hell that is going to be open specifically for those who want to come in-between.

No prayer in the world is going to expiate that. Anyone who uses Harut and Marut and releases Jinns for they also become Jinns. What Jinn is deserving of Jannah?

Imam Mahdi and Imama Mahdeya live their lives for a short period of time like Laiyla and Majnoon. Fighting for their love rights.

Imam Mahdi will have women who pretend to love him but he is always feeling empty on the inside and His wife to be will also have men who pretend to love her and she too is fighting the emptiness on her inside, never feeling complete or content. Until they get together. No false man or women is going to get in the way.

This is the false Messiah, that the lovers have to fight, for they will come across deceptive love, liars who are corrupt in their hearts trying to keep lovers apart with falsehood, claiming that they love but they do not.

Imam Mahdi and Imama Mahdeya set forth to test these false lovers.

He says “come to me and live a life of poverty and you will not get my riches” and he continues to say “although I am an Aamir, I am going to forget about the diamond ring and give you Cubic Zirconia” this is when the false lover runs away.

Imama Mahdeya says to her false lovers “OK, give up your riches and come to me as a poor man, sell everything at auction” and they too run away.

I am thanking Allah for that “for those who deceive are deceived”.

Eiyssa (AS) was about pure love and the lovers should honour that. Let us all honour true love and fight evil that comes in the way.

For those who believe, if you are a Muslim and a Muslimah, leave the lovers alone for they are meant to be together.

Ameen, Ameen, Ameen.

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